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Free domain & annual plan


250 GB 500 GB Unlimited
Websites 15 50 50 Unlimited
Disk space 50 GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Memory 2GB LVE RAM per cPanel 2GB LVE RAM per cPanel 2GB LVE RAM per cPanel 4GB LVE RAM per cPanel
Input/output (I/O) 1024 1024 1024 2048

We Provide Secure & Powerful Features

Reseller Hosting Plans

Start your own hosting business with our high performance white label affordable reseller hosting. Host your own customers by renting out a bit of your server space to them.

WHM & cPanel

WHM control, the leading and trustworthy hosting manager in combination with cPanel, allows you to reliably and easily host multiple clients.

Choice Of Location

Need a server closer to your reseller hosting customers? We have dozens of location options available, including London, New York, Sydney, Singapore and more!

Unlimited Migrations

It doesn’t matter how many sites you have. We can migrate all of your existing websites over to your Verpex unlimited reseller hosting, and it's entirely free!

Daily Backups

Who knows what problems might arise, or what design decisions you’ll come to regret? That’s why we'll back up your websites a minimum of daily backups, upto twice every day

Our Global DataCentres

London, New York, Sydney, Singapore, India and more!


Frequently Asked Questions

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Reseller hosting is essentially a way for you to purchase hosting resources from us in bulk and then to re-sell those resources directly to your clients. You can set limitations on disk space, bandwidth, email usage, and other features on a per-package or per-site basis. We provide a completely managed service from a technical perspective – the server space, hosting resources and support come from us and you are responsible for supporting your end-user clients. You can even brand your clients’ cPanels with your own logo for a super professional image.

But reseller hosting isn’t just for web designers, agencies and start-up hosting companies – it’s also a great option if you run a lot of websites personally. Because you have access to WHM, you can create each site with its own separate cPanel. This means each site or client gets their own login to manage their own hosting settings, isolating them completely from other users on the same server or under your account. This improves site performance and resiliency from malware attacks.

We have a lot more information on what is reseller hosting on our blog.

There are no restrictions to reselling, except for contents that are illegal or against our terms of service


The migration process is as easy as you can imagine! Regardless of how many websites you’re managing, we’ll bring all of them under the Verpex wing free of charge. Just send us the details of your websites when you’ve signed up to get started.

Once you’ve ordered the desired reseller hosting plan, your package is created instantly and you’ll receive a welcome email shortly after with your credentials to get started.


You can customize your control panel in whichever way you want, thanks to the white-label service we provide.


Each reseller package comes with a number of cPanel accounts you can create. However, each cPanel account allows unlimited domains. We recommend separating each site into separate cPanel accounts wherever possible.

To monitor the bandwidth usage of your resold accounts, go to WHM -> View Bandwidth Usage

Yes, you can create separate cPanel accounts for your clients


Our servers are in the cloud. So yes, all our reseller hosting plans are cloud-based


You definitely can. There are countless success stories from entrepreneurs that have managed to take on hundreds, even thousands of clients, just be aware of the work you’ll need to put in.

Read our article to learn more about web hosting business income.

We do place some restrictions on what can be hosted through our reseller servers, though there are only a few instances. These include typical tube sites, copyrighted content, P2P sharing, and crypto mining. Simply ask us and we’ll let you know what’s on the cards and what isn’t; we’re always available.

Our partnerships with various cloud providers, the best that’s available, means your backups are always safe and readily accessible. We don’t store them physically, so there’s zero risk of them being lost or compromised.

Not necessarily. We offer comprehensive packages and take care of most technical aspects of your reseller business.